Fall in love with your life

I help successful women align with their best version

Hello!  I’m Adriana!

I help ambitious, beautiful, intelligent, amazing women (like you) fall in love with their lives and balance their career and spirituality!

 So many of us are not living our best life!

We are trading in parts of ourselves in exchange for what we’ve been told success looks like.  

Hiding behind an image of efficiency and control we disconnect from our intuition, our soul and our purpose.

We end up feeling too tired and stressed out to enjoy our success, wondering: “is this it?”

NO, it’s not and it’s not what you deserve!

I’m here to help you discover that “there is so much more! 

You can have it all without trade-offs or compromises.  

You can have a great, meaningful, successful career, amazing soul deep relationships and still be yourself and have fun doing it! 

Accepting that it is OK to be in our feminine, to be beautiful and intelligent, strong and vulnerable, to lead from a place of flow and intuition, to be spiritual, to put taking care of our needs, our bodies, minds and souls first will free you, unleash your true power, inspiration, drive and passion! 

It will bring back your energy, make you more productive, innovative, creative and, in result, manifest a life full of bliss!  

How do I know this?

Because over the past two decades I’ve gone from being a workaholic, completely consumed by work, numbing myself with food and living on auto pilot, to living a life of total bliss, alignment and connection.

No, I did not leave the corporate world to meditate full time. 

I simply discovered the power of connecting with our true essence and nature.

Of showing up as a woman, aligned and empowered in your pure divine feminine energy. 

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